I Dreamed of Rain-The Song

Words and Music by Jan Garrett, © 2003

Foolchild Music, ASCAP


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We hope that many people from all over the world will be interested in singing and playing this song.

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The CD version of the song includes written lyrics,

plus a bonus instrumental track without vocals.

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In order to maintain the integrity of the words and music as originally written,

we are also including, free of charge, a downloadable lead sheet and chord chart in two keys:

"G".....for male lead vocal aaPg 1 aaPg 2 aaPg 3 a

"C".....for female lead vocalaaPg 1 aaPg 2 aaPg 3 aa

(Click and hold on each link until you see a message that gives you the option of "downloading to disk" in Internet Explorer or "save this link as" in Netscape.)

Please include copyright and contact information as you share the song,

since it is protected by copyright law

and may not be duplicated, recorded, or sold in any way without permission from the composer.




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